Sunday, January 14, 2007

Musical Weekend (updated)

Mr. Theoria of questionable taste has started such a series. Though in search of its One True Spirit, undivided origin one need only glimpse around a little to become definitively lost.

Call it the simple compulsion to share, to carve a bit of space of potential relation outside the bland barrage of 24/7 redundancy (rerun-dancy, redunce-dancing, re:dunce-canting) anticipated by Adorno and Debord back before it was written on the walls for all to see – here are some songs:

* The Coup, "Cars and Shoes": The blog Unemployed Negativity calls them "America's greatest Marxist hip hop group," which sounds about right. Don't believe they get the name from Derrida. A song that resonates with anyone – the current author certainly included – not born with a silver fucking spoon implanted up their ass. Or, say, never having spent more than $800 on a car. Or hell, even going strong without reliable transport for a couple of years now.

Rather tragically, just recently, The Coup greeted the new year by losing everything in a near-fatal tour bus accident. In light of which, it is probably not too late to contribute something to them, if you can.

A more serious track: "Underdogs".

* Greg Brown, "Sadness": For those of us who flirt with seasonal affects.

* The Talking Heads Live, "Animals": Because we've been talking about "the animal question" on pas au-delà for longer than we can remember, though not–we hear–as long as David Bryne.

* Tom Waits, "Tell it to Me"/Louise: Seeming, wisely, to have adopted the Ramblin' Jack Elliot rendition, to great effect.

* Steve Earl [Happy Birthday!], "F the FCC".

• Bob Dylan, Working Man Blues". "There's an evening haze setting over town/starlight by the edge of the green//The buying power of the proletariat's gone down/money's getting shallow and weak//Well the place I love best is a sweet memory/it's a new path that we trod//they say low wages are a reality/if we want to pay them all." Interpret as you will, Ellis Sharp. As you know, I tend to think he's aging well; his songs are modest and work great as songs. This new album right up there with Infidels and Oh Mercy.

Some of these part of the forthcoming "Enough to Get Us All Locked Up" compilation (neglected but not forgotten).

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