Friday, January 26, 2007

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Superb post by archive: s0metim3s:
To concede that activism (and activists) exhausts politics as such is to prejudge certain activities as either a- or non-political, and to make of politics a form of pre-emption and theology. From within this perspective, activists tend to alternate between surprise at seemingly unanticipated outbreaks of revolt or mourn the ostensible lack of political activity. And, between these two instances, which express little more than formulaic presuppositions about what counts as political action, attempts to keep the work of activism going almost invariably function as a ritualisation of that which was unexpected but whose moment of surprise and experimentation is past

And, in a different vein, by adswithoutproducts, both of whom continually redeem (for me) the act of reading blogs as pleasurable (not to say, of course, completely comfortable).

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