Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Vidal address

Gore Vidal, for DemocracyNow (via The Decline):
"We've had idiots as Presidents before; he's not unique. He's certainly the most active idiot we've ever had."

Can't say that I listened to the other thing, so I won't carefully rebut it. (If that makes me a delusional new leftist resentnik, well then, so be it.) That said, Juan Cole strikes about the right note (the careful rebutting comes later). Update: Pandagon Pam does one better.

In other eternally-returning news, we have apparently ten years to dramatically address unprecedented global climate change (that is, to make all those SUV's you see disappear). Ten years. Not to mention peak oil. Since we're practicing being afraid already, just thought I'd further fan the flames. John Kerry, with the best environmental record in the senate, never really seemed to bother.

To make a long story aptly short: if you don't already read Limited, Inc., you really ought to.

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