Saturday, January 14, 2006

not much Internets in Africa

...of the last 100 visitors. Totally forgot for a while, the things sitemeter can do.

Here's Long Sunday, as it sleeps (or rather, collects trackback spam)

And we can zoom in on each of those little dots, with satellite precision and everything.


Adam Kotsko said...
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Adam Kotsko said...

I've gotten comments from northern Africa before -- mainly Tunis and Cairo -- but I've never noticed any from South Africa, where it seems like Internet access would be more common.

Matt said...

Yeah, it's strange. Nigeria and Uganda have visited a dozen-odd times, and even Togo, Swaziland, Sudan, Ethiopia and Senegal, according to eXtreme. But no South Africa.

Oh wait, I take it back. And the number is: 20 times. Still, this blog could reach out to Africa a bit more, I feel.

Matt said...

Long Sunday, por ahora...pobrecitos.