Tuesday, December 13, 2005


On the recent tribute to Gillian Rose (insert jealous remark #722 here). By all accounts, a writer worthy of serious attention (though maybe not for the next LS Symposium?--how the word doth fly, +1).

Also of great interest, a rather thorough review of Deconstruction and Democracy. This Matthias Fritsch ought to get himself one of them blog.


Anonymous said...

Was going to praise IT's measured review of that talk but she doesn't have her comment box open. What she didn't mention was the heckler who must have paid £7 just to harangue the Archbishop of Canterbury about Pakistan. That's dedication.

Tom said...

Assuming they need validation, I endorse the opinions of spurious and our dearly departed young hegelian.

Smokewriting retraverses the conference and also extends our appreciation of her thought.