Tuesday, May 10, 2005

writing across the disciplines?

It's dated, but for those genuinely interested in Derrida, this interview on rhetoric and composition might prove useful. Indeed, one wonders if the anal/continent divide isn't maybe worth preserving.

Senile update: I don't usually talk like this but word, to your mother. "Postmodernism", as it relates to both politics and literature, is only invoked as a sweeping slander or curse at our own peril. The word itself, much like "deconstructionism", needn't even be mentioned by those who are sincere in caring to understand "our" moment, to approach a responsible relation to the complicated state of things. It's just not something that, you know, one does, unless you're merely baiting, chanting, or harboring this banal desire to be ridiculed. And the memorability, marketability or personality of characters of truly great 'literature' will always be secondary to what matters most. Read the links first or don't comment at all, as you do so well anyway, Hugh Person.

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