Monday, May 16, 2005

the skinny on this year's books

Just in case you're of the video game junky generation, addicted to delayed gratification.

Courtesy of Verso Press:
Archeologies of the Future, Frederic Jameson (September 2005)
The Two Lolitas, Michael Maar (September 2005)
Books For Burning, Antonio Negri (September 2005)
Metapolitics, Alain Badiou (October 2005)
What Should the Left Propose, Roberto Unger (October 2005)
Born Jewish, Marcel Liebman (November 2005)
Iraq, Slavoj Zizek (November 2005)
Under Three Flags: Anarchism and the Anti-colonial Imagination, Benedict Anderson (November 2005)
Democratizing Democracy, Ed. Boaventura De Sousa Santos (January 2006)
Critique of Everyday Life, Henri Lefebvre (January 2006)
Fire Alarm: Reading Walter Benjamin's "On the Concept of History", Michael Lowy (February 2006)
Planet of Slums, Mike Davis (March 2006)
The Dictatorship of Capital, Tariq Ali (March 2006)

And from Other Press:
What Lacan Said About Women, Colette Soler (allegedly "the definitive work on Lacan's theory of the feminine") (February 2006)

The sort of post I despise, sorry. And what's a post without a link. Here's a Free Online Dictionary of Philosophy. Update: It's terrible.

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