Thursday, May 19, 2005

"we attacked us"?

What really took place prior to and on 9/11/2001 is no small source of controversy...Who knew what when? Were the towers demolished by explosives? Was a plane shot down? What kind of plane hit the Pentagon, who was the pilot, and why did it circle around to the least important side? Why wasn't Bush whisked away to safety? Where was Cheney? What about the money made from "put options", what about the Saudis, etc., etc.

David Ray Griffin (he's been mentioned here before), certainly deserves far more attention. Recently he's been talking about his newest book, The 9/11 Commission Report: Ommisions and Distortions. Frankly, I think he presents a pretty damn convincing case that "9/11", as we say, may not be the story but rather the scandal of our time. That is, if Americans are not too scandal weary still...?

The Official 9/11 Commission Report (still highly ranked and brimming with 5-star reviews on is essentially a politically-soaked pack of lies. Anyone unconvinced of this simply hasn't done their homework. Or rather, fortunately enough, David Ray Griffin's second book has now done it for you. Clearly, what the cunt administration needs most right now is another war...something, big and bad. But they're setting some pretty tough standards.

Update: See also here please.

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