Tuesday, October 05, 2004

the tip from KOS, rant

Today, the bush campaign posted an entry on their blog encouraging their supporters to freep a number of swing-state newspapers' online message boards, so i will now post those same links here, with the hope that some of my fellow kossacks will join me in counteracting the bush/cheney spin this evening. i'm sure we will have a number of efforts in this regard, but here we have the official list that bush/cheney '04 is distributing
Here they are. And here are the polls to hit right now while it counts (color-coded for live-status). Quite a choir at the moment. Inspiring, almost. And so while we are gathered here:

Could it be that Cheney's most damning insinuation remains that Kerry and Edwards are more responsive to polls than to, say, a higher calling - in short, that they are politicians? The rhetoric of politicians is dogmatic by default, but some dogmas are far worse than others. The phrase "vote your hopes and not your fears" is hopelessly naive, emotional blackmail. It's a sad fact, but nonetheless a fact, that Kerry would not have been electable if he had voted against the war resolution, given the political climate at the time, and the uncertainty of any WMD eventually being found. Listen to me, I sould like a Republican. "The facts of the matter are, Gwen..." Of course, if Kerry had listened to Scott Ritter, or maybe didn't have so much ego and $$$$$ at stake...But given a choice between the politician and the stubborn zealot, who does one vote for? Which is more likely to set the trends that could keep the system open to change? The militarism of the corporate DNC, Kerry and Edwards is deeply troubling, and remains symptomatic of deep systematic injustices. But doesn't democracy amount to more than casting a ballot twice a decade? Americans have little sense of political duty, but that is changing. There is little doubt that such awareness will grow more slowly under Kerry, but it will also grow more reflective and mature. The revolution will absolutely be televised. "A little revolution now and then" is not at all a good thing. Irresponsible violence still breeds irresponsible violence.

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