Friday, October 08, 2004

Bush Goes Ballistic

"You cannot lead if you send mexed missages." Cornered Neophyte, Dimwit Snob - Our Petulant President is Officially Freedom Toast.

Well the pundits have clearly been greased with something. Or maybe the ass-bend before the storm? Didn't they see the temper on that fool? Anger management, anyone? Any journalists out there?
Wondering how embarassed Americans should be embarassment even
appropriate, or just a petty bourgeois emotion? For some reason this strikes me as rather important, this question.
Anyway here the madman is: Bush Flips Out (Windows Media Player)

Furious George

Wired Wizard of Oz George

On another note, I just won the muthafuckin' Powell's Daily Dose(!), so a certain unspecified text by Blanchot is now on its way to my doorstep. Life is indeed good.

"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." - Ralph Waldo Emerson (is my mother's favorite quote)

On the other hand, I have to agree with Shaviro on this. Dubya is not the standard by which the future of democracy should be judged, and democrats are resigned to defeat by default if they take his chemical confidence as a worthy point of departure. Taking on and dignifying the easy target hardly signifies true courage.

[Update: Our commander in chief now seems to be wearing a kevlar vest in addition to the radio in his ear. I am remembering the atmosphere of the long day of protest over his inaugeration. The man is leaving the House in the same style in which he arrived. Either that, or the sixties may come again. Perhaps this gives him a modicum of purpose and dignity, this vest, with which to face to continuing unpleasant onslaught of the shared world after four years in a delusion. But what happens when delusion is all there has ever been? Got fear? See Daily Kos, who's writing for the Guardian tonight.]

[Update again: For plenty more on the wire, see here.]

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