Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Custom chopping blocks

Happy to report that Green River Woods is now even more internet-famous (than previously ever imagined possible).

Visitors welcome in Pack Square this Saturday (and next) all day long for another Art in the Park.

For those knife-aficionados who may be wondering, what really makes my business unique is the focus on reclaimed material, as more times than not the wood available determines the piece. However my blocks are also always made from sustainably-harvested and kiln-dried, shop-acclimated large stock whenever possible (or desired) and with both a minimum of seams and minimal waste.

Most importantly, in addition to using large piece construction I use large wood biscuits in my joinery, only ever titebond iii superior fda-approved waterproof wood glue, and pre-treat each block generously with Boo's Block Mystery mineral oil. These things contribute to a product built to endure hard use for generations, be aesthetically-luxurious and affordable.

After 15 years building homes, doing custom cabinetry, extensive trim and finish carpentry and remodeling, I remain grateful to have my own business specializing in something I really love. If also–it just so happens–something I can consistently feel good about doing.

Blogger discounts always considered: GreenRiverWoods.Etsy.Com

Update: Nearly sold out! Thanks and see you next week, everyone.


Luke said...

Congratulations. You do incredible work. Greg wants a new chopping block when we can afford it. In other news, we've started homebrewing. Any chance of a trade, assuming I can mail beer?

Matt Christie said...

Luke, you are neither the first person to propose such lunacy, nor the last from whom I will gladly accept. Come visit Asheville anytime, we have at least 10 excellent microbreweries within 10 minutes of our house, not counting friends (and always eager to try more).