Monday, September 27, 2010

BP Oil Spill Update

Update Again: No fucking shit.

Update: Researchers Found 40-Fold Increase in Carcinogenic Compounds in Gulf.

As the truth finally will out, and informed bloggers everywhere (this one included) scream "we told you so" the whole damn thing (with citations), as they say:

...As one of Lehr's fellow panelists, Ian MacDonald, put it: "5,000 barrels was not in the right ballpark, for whatever reason." MacDonald, a Florida State University oceanographer and one of the independent scientists who questioned the federal estimates early on, further noted that "It took a long time to catch up to reality."

Meanwhile, contrary to White House assertions that "the vast majority of the oil is gone," MacDonald warned that more than 50 percent of the oil remains in the Gulf of Mexico in the form of "highly durable material" that is now buried along the coast and on the sea floor....

Graham and Reilly both acknowledged that they still don't understand why government officials were so wrong, and for so long. Graham generally raised the issue of "deference to the industry." Reilly recalled a scribble on a NOAA white board during the early days of the spill indicating that officials immediately realized the leak could be much bigger...

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