Thursday, June 18, 2009

A kind of pride

That the best friends of my particular generation, squashed somewhat uncomfortably in between the X and Y, seem to scorn and ignore–despite dull and repeated requests and duly notable lives–registering on...FACEBOOK (™). Fuck that infantilizing shit, indeed. You want to get in touch? You write a goddamn letter/email or activate your cell phone/implant and do some actual relating. People are not hard to find. Duly notable living has no need for a universal MTV-inspired pseudo-genericism, I don't care how "convenient" or "popular" it is. It reflects poorly.

It goes without saying that Facebook™ has nothing to do with getting in touch, everything to do with one's own image/dissemination/marketing/quantifying of one's 'self.' Also, how insulting to the memory of actual relations to be "friended" by anyone who matters or even pretend to desire to pose as "friend"-able. Click.

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