Tuesday, May 16, 2006

not mourning yet

Maybe I'm poorly versed in the "conspiracy theories" of the day, but I always thought the real question concerning the plane that hit the Pentagon wasn't whether it was a plane, that hit the Pentagon, but why it circled 270 degrees 'round to the side least likely to do harm. That just don't make sense. (Update: It seems I am poorly versed. By all indications - and this latest "proof" now hardly assuring otherwise - it was a cruise missile that hit the Pentagon (see comments). Well that's not cool. Who would do such a thing?)(Update II: Ellis Sharp begs to differ. The questions about Flight 93 are the most openly begging, I agree. Although there are certainly others, financial and diplomatic and having to do with various explosions causing steel buildings to self-demolish, all included.)


CR said...

Followed your link, more links, and eventually ended up watching Loose Change, the whole of it.

Hmmm... Freaky.

And once you get going with this line of thought, everything starts to fall into place. Or seems to. I knew, extremely causually, a few people that died in the WTC. The guy I perhaps knew best, though, a childhood's pal's dad, didn't die. Was the president of some sort of gold trading concern officed on the upper floors of one of the towers, and was, ahem, late for work that day after, blaghh, having enjoyed a kleiner morgen-musik mit dem Frau. So the story goes. All employees - every one of them - dead. Except for him. The president. Because's he's late, because he's on the PATH train in Newark or wherever when the plane's start hitting.

And then you watch Loose Change, and... You have doubts. I'd never really thought of it that way. Or maybe he was just horny that morning. After all, how could it happen? Is there a call-chain like in elementary school?

Anyway, personally, whatever happened on 9/11, there are so many quite open conspiracies that who even needs the cruise missile or the disappearing flight or Cleveland and all the rest.


(Via LCC...)

Matt said...

Thanks CR.

(Related to your link, perhaps you've also seen the Matthew Aid interveiw at Salon.)

Anonymous said...

There are no mourners anymore; only confusion, bad guys and some heroes.

Anonymous said...

Loose Change; watch it.

Anonymous said...

4.5 years to doctor 20 seconds of video...there's government work for you.

Matt said...

The film (Loose Change) does seem to rather contradict some stuff.