Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The reticent one. And strange beautiful (thanks for that).
"Don't you ever just sit, man?"

Not being aware his birthday was just around the corner..."Masked and Anonymous" again the other night. A good bad movie, of course (and obviously, outrageously so). Is it insulting? Or flattering? Eh.
The long spanning, unapologetic, documentary camera's gaze, odd without guilt, on Katrina-like crowds of ordinary suffering, poor people. Even when hurrying, solitary and waiting (for the miracle to come, maybe) unapologetic tempting of cliché, but given the closeness to reality, not-quite sentimental gazing. The glimpses into Dylan's gently subdued movie-personality (as always, playing the cryptic cowboy), a certain enigmatic patience with the oddness of people and things, prodded along by bits of ironic (though hardly cynical) folk-sounding wisdom...such things were noted. And how he upstages everyone, almost without trying.

Wood s lot expresses typical good taste in recommending this by Brian Doherty. To which one may as well add this by David Hayes.

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