Monday, July 18, 2005

"once upon a time, Jefferson owned slaves"

Link: Onegoodmove is always where I get my Jon Stewart clips. There's not much less interesting at this point than the so-called culture wars, so when the author of 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America, and Al Franken is Number 37 appeared on the show, I was glad to see him treated properly.
Bernard Goldberg wrote a book and then appeared on the Daily to promote it. It's not much of a book. Jon charaterized it as the kind of a book you'd write with friends, a drinking game book where you sit around ranting about all those you hate. Bernie tries to defend it as a serious effort but his heart is just not in it. His defense of the tripe he has written is half-hearted, he tries, he attacks the courseness of society. He incorrectly compares racist epithats with a garden variety fuck you Bernie, as if they are in the same category. Why did he write it, gas money for his SUV perhaps. I can guarantee you he won't be going far, the book sucks. I've not read it, but a book that contends that Barbara Streisand is one of the top 100 screwing up America is pathetic on the face of it. So the video is amusing because Jon gives the book the lack of respect it deserves. Jon's performance was masterful he had walked the fine line from laughing Bernie out of the studio to just enough respect to keep him seated.

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