Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Jon Stewart: Pussy. At least he heard about it. Even if the result was to run home to momma with a penis joke. Update: Jon Stewart: On motherfucking form. Yep, he definitely heard about it.

In other news, and for whatever it's worth, there's more on the London conspiracy speculation here and here (via).

Some crypto-fascists sinisterly networked with the New York branch of the ACLU have set up a new site in response to the militarization of the Subway here.

Some time ago Juan Cole linked to this animated whatsit of Iraq Extremist War Struggle Coalition Fatalities by geographic location project. It's pretty powerful, moreso than the $$ ticker, and also being kept up to date. Try clicking on the box next to US, or imagining that number multiplied by about one hundred, if you please. Update: There's also this little history lesson for those who may be in need (via).

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