Friday, September 30, 2011

Lost Opportunity and Insubordinate Slow-Walkers: New Book Details How Timothy Geithner, Larry Summers, Rahm Emanuel Screwed Obama, and America

• The Ron Suskind book itself is an important read.

Here's why, according to two people who have actually read it:

(via DailyKos, where there is more)

A lifelong Democrat writes an important book, based on extensive taped interviews with the Obama administration, who are given the chance and do not deny the account.

A brave work of highly-credible journalism which basically validates what Progressives have been screaming ever since Obama, against his own better judgement, fell back on Clinton's old Rubinite big-bank-coddling cronies Geithner, Summers and Emanuel in a moment of unprecedented fragility, and sidelined the progressive wisdom of Paul Volcker, Stiglitz, Christina Romer, Elizabeth Warrene, Sheila Bair, Brooksley Born, Maria Cantwell and Alan Krueger, et al.

Why should it be any surprise that Geithner, et al. SLOW WALKED Obama's justifiable desire to follow Sweden's model of breaking up the banks, not Japan's proven longer-term financial disaster of merely protecting/bailing out the financial elite?

Asking themselves this question, the mainstream media temporarily (for a good week at least) adopts as their own the Progressive mantra that as a result Obama is now widely seen to have done too little too late. And hardly anyone stands up to say WTF, no fucking shit, we've been saying this all along.

A more critical review by self-appointed blog celebrity/sometimes megalomaniacal previous insider here:

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