Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cecil Bothwell will be getting lots of volunteer work from me

My fellow North Carolinians will almost certainly vote Cecil Bothwell in to replace the flailing Heath Shuler, if they know what is good for their own families. Heath Shuler has proven time and again that no matter what he says or how many footballs he can fumble, he always answers first and foremost to the criminally rich, gambling big-city bankers. Heath Shuler's only plan is to extend the recession further, by raising taxes on the middle class and working people, while protecting offshore tax havens for the same folks who ruined this economy. Can't afford your healthcare, or want to keep your hard-earned rights to Medicare and Social Security? Don't have a job? Heath Shuler voted against both the President's pathetic little stimulus AND health care reform because he cares more about protecting international corporate profits. Beware the slick advertising campaign concocted by Heath Shuler's elitist and unpatriotic, tax-dodging pals; his actions in betraying working class people time and again speak louder than words.

The truth is that Cecil Bothwell is the real thing, a proven candidate who listens to the people more than big money in Washington. I'm not being paid to say this. Cecil Bothwell is worth fighting for. In his own words:
We have been in an economic recession since 2008. Most economists agree that it was triggered by the Bush tax cuts for the rich, American involvement in foreign wars and the housing bubble that burst when it was discovered that highly rated, bundled subprime mortgages promoted by investment bankers were actually worthless. Interestingly, no one was ever brought to trial or held accountable for this widespread scam. The government bailed out the banks and provided a relatively small stimulus for economic growth.

But people who lost their life savings and/or homes received almost no help or consideration. As job loss continues, more and more people are suffering. The big banks and mega-corporations however are making as much money as before the 2008 crash. And obviously, they are not using these profits to create jobs; they are simply giving big bonuses to executives and sitting on their cash, most of which is held offshore to avoid taxation. Needless to say, if this corporate profit were repatriated, the money would generate tax revenue which could be used by the government to create jobs and/or reduce the deficit.

To date, the Republicans have insisted on debt reduction at the expense of job creation. The net result is that they call for draconian cuts in spending that can only shrink the economy. If the “super congress” committee composed of six Republican and six Democrats from the House and Senate cannot agree on severe cuts in government spending, measures to further shrink and eliminate government spending will automatically kick in. Programs at greatest risk include Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and the Pentagon budget.

It is time for the living, breathing people of this nation to reexamine our priorities and reclaim management of our country. The United States was created to grant real people an opportunity for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” What we need now includes medical care for all, education for all, retirement with dignity for all and opportunities for workers to improve life circumstances for themselves and their families. Banks and corporations are, after all, only artificial entities created by and intended to serve real, living humans.

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