Monday, January 31, 2011

Speaking of the need for protest...

The uncomfortable truth about Egyptian dictatorship and corruption, widespread poverty, inflation and income inequality is of course that Egypt was simultaneously being applauded and praised by the IMF and World Bank as an "economic miracle"...forced privatization, subsidy cuts, "opening-up" of markets, forced structural adjustment...same new story of macro economics and corporate profits masking real world suffering...people literally dying while waiting for days in "bread queus"...Anyone expressing solidarity with Egyptians' right to freedom from tyranny should understand the origins of the familiar scam that propped up Mubarak:

Meanwhile, the same class warfare is being openly waged by Rethuglicans (propped up by their multi-billionaire ideologue sponsors like David and Charles Koch, along with what amounts to Democratic complicity) in the US right now, and has been for decades (beginning in earnest with Reagan, the first outright bankers' politician).

The bottom line for anyone connecting the dots is: Americans should absolutely be in the streets of their own country right now too.

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