Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Gulf of America Update ("we broke it, we own it" -Colbert)

• As fellow blogger John Emerson pedantically, and correctly notes: "'Awed' is the wrong word" here. (It only took the feds two months to catch on; surely companies like Exxon bound to be responsible for future atrocities will take note.)

This comment about what caused the BP Macando blowout deserves widespread recognition.

• Also, read the articles in the left-hand column at McClatchy, one of the most reliable and reputable investigative journals out there. Particularly this one, this one, this one and last but certainly not least, this one (cf. last week).

• And, the plot thickens.

Meanwhile every day that passes BP fails to make meaningfully better what they gambled to make significantly worse last Thursday morning, or even to make it back to just as bad as it was the for the first 48 goddamn days....they aren't even going to try another approach, for another month. This would appear to be an acceptable state of affairs for BP, nearly two months on:

Can't help but notice BP is spraying carcinogenic dispersants like never before at the immediate opening (you can actually see the oil exploding into droplets on impact), most conveniently on the side being monitored by the most highly-publicized and most easily accessible feed (that is, the side most people are watching):

Once again, for all twelve BP Macondo blowout oil spill feeds, see this page for listed links: http://www.bp.com/genericarticle.do?categoryId=9033572&contentId=7062605

• I seem to have begun the occasional habit of leaving comments at TheOilDrum, sometimes with what I determine to be necessary and useful provocation partly in mind, I admit.


John Emerson said...

My understanding is that by now, even the complete confiscation of BP wouldn't be able to make the damage good. Especially since I'm sure that their lawyers are hard at work making BP invulnerable.

Matt Christie said...

Receivership? (see Robert Reich)

Matt Christie said...

They are a $100bn company...or at least were.

I don't think they've scaled back their lobbying fleet yet, or the grunts blocking access to the dead sea creatures...when is someone going to just say, "arrest me for walking on this public beach and taking pictures; I dare you."

Also, when is an entire fleet of scientists (not just a token handful) finally going to get to studying the underwater plumes (not to mention the effects of various Corexits) in any thorough way?

At least TOD is finally talking some about Corexit(s). I take some small credit for that, and am grateful.