Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"That gentleman, I assure you, does not have any business cards!"

A genuine civil rights movement is brewing in America again...It's a strong and genuine public option or bust. So get out and do something in your area now!

(via today's show, witness there the Yes Men absolutely brilliant, sending up the flat earth Chamber of Commerce).

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diane lind said...

I saw the Amy Goodman Show today with the Yes Men brilliantly posing as representing a new policy of the Chamber of Commerce in reversing their position on global warming.
It was then revealed as a hoax when an official executive of the chamber entered the room and told the press corps that the speaker was not a rep of the organization.

As was mentioned in the show later, James Hoggan, author of Climate Coverup, THEY ( THE CHAMBER) have been putting the supreme hoax to the people with their lies about the true facts of global warming, creating a scientific "debate" about the facts, phoney scientists, media blitzs and more tactics, all funded by a big bankroll that trumps the resources and public exposure of climatologists and their important message.