Friday, May 01, 2009

the dirty 12 - "owned" by banks in Congress

Even if there wasn't an exclusive Chapter 11 welfare trough for the criminally incompetent, and a global-economy-devastating pandemic of foreclosures on what used to be the American middle class, this would be just appalling:

The online contact information for the democratic sell-out senators who deserve all the anger a spoiled and complacent country could possibly muster:

Max Baucus (Mont.),
Michael Bennet (Colo.),
Robert Byrd (W.Va.),
Byron Dorgan (N.D.),
Tim Johnson (S.D.),
Mary Landrieu (La.),
Blanche Lincoln (Ark.),
Ben Nelson (Neb.),
Mark Pryor (Ark.),
Jon Tester (Mont.),
Tom Carper (Del.),
Arlen Specter (Penn, a Dem in name only),

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