Friday, September 26, 2008

Shock Doctrine, Stupid

Radical wingnut ideas built and floated by the Chicago School, or fueled by the Republican Study Committee, are of course not only "lying around" as Milton Friedman encouraged, but fiercely lobbied any time we get a rainy day. Or preferably a flood. As Naomi Klein documents, radically unpopular change that hurts most people can only be forced through in a time of emergency. Maybe we should think of them as ark-builders for the super-rich.

Only they're not supposed to talk about this agenda openly. Because it makes them seem like blatant opportunists, liars and crooks. Here's naive and idiotic Sarah Palin talking about it openly (or trying to), seemingly offering a string of non-sequitors in direct response to a question about the bailout.

She seems to have grasped, or overheard somewhere, that this disaster means an opportunity down the road for things like health care "reform" (of the wildly unpopular, hatchet sort), but she obviously hasn't grasped that she isn't supposed to talk about it quite that way. Expect her to be kept out of sight until she can be made to understand the game, or at least keep her mouth shut and memorize some equivocal slogans and platitudes to respond to questions on economics.

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