Thursday, February 14, 2008

"People want change, not more of the same from the crowd that gave us the current mess in D.C."

So sayeth Mr. Kos. I couldn't agree more. It has to start somewhere. Obama's got my vote.

also via StG. (I actually recommend the music in their post to go along with it).

Watch the video. In other words, here's someone who may well be responsive to pressure (of the right kind) once he is elected.

(Of course saying "we've got work to do" doesn't quite cut it. Hell in this age held hostage by corporate conservatism with no future, it may qualify as the understatement of the century. Peter Dorman at Econospeak poses the necessary rejoinder/cautionary remarks on "bi-partisanship for bi-partisanship's sake.") Update: And Alain has more for Long Sunday.

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