Tuesday, July 25, 2006

another stupid political post

You know the tides are swirling thick when even bedrock loser like William F. Buckley makes an opportunist splash, noting how poorly it reflects on Bush's character and all, that he has not yet voluntarily resigned.

Right, because thinking people the world over had always pegged Bush the next George Washington. It's only been that long.

Funny also, how F. Buckley is now referenced as some old and noble figure of integrity, calloused and wayward yet refined dignitary of some thing (from back when "conservatives" were not all pea-brained, "Jesus"-loving, bat-shit crazies). In truth the man was a complete fucking prick, a nasty and annoying snob with a truly vicious and cruel dominating side, not least of all when it came to those many decent and free-thinking professors he tried, relentlessly and unapologetically, to smear into oblivion and financial ruin, as either gay or "communist" (or both), back in the day.

(Most likely now he simply feels–like many Eastern conservatives–left out of the loop. The ruling fundamentalist junta of Texans and Exxon crooks probably ignores him.)

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