Saturday, October 01, 2005

saturday 4:50am

In her dream we are looking for an apartment

I've told you, it's all set
all the rooms are nice

but for some reason she goes back to take a closer look

And see, there, something is wrong

the walls are left unfinished

they are sanded and patched, blotted with primer, but not painted

furthermore there is scaffolding, inside the building

in the living room

What's the problem, they ask

well maybe if it was finished, she says

it is finished, they reply

she decides to see another room

yes, this one

is large and beautiful and expansive, everything seems perfect

the air is remarkably clear as

she feels a warm mist and looks up

and she sees that it has no ceiling

there is just sky there, misting down

well, and what if it rains, she asks

i'm going to get wet

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