Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Scott McLemee reviews the new documentary Zizek! You heard it here first.
An excerpt:
Early in the documentary — and again at the end — he denounces the fascination with him as an individual, insisting that the only thing that matters is his theoretical work. He gives a list of what he regards as his four really important books: The Sublime Object of Ideology, For They Know Not What They Do, The Ticklish Subject, and a work now in progress that he has provisionally titled The Parallax View (a.k.a. the sequel to Ticklish).

There is a clear hint that his other and more popular books are negligible by contrast; he speaks of wanting to kill his doppelganger, the wild-and-crazy guy known for obscene jokes and pop-culture

“And yet,” as Taylor notes, “Žižek, despite his frustrations, continues to put on a good show, albeit one quite different in demeanor from Lacan’s.” That is what makes the final images of Žižek! so interesting.

I don’t want to give the surprise ending away. Suffice it to say that it involves a spiral staircase...

According to the clip, uhh, there has never been so much unavowed "belief" in the air as there is today, as evidenced by Derrida's (or what in Z's mind is perhaps all the same, Judith Butler's) inability to say anything without extensive parenthesis and quotation marks. Personally I think the EGS students may be getting ripped off, but what do I know. More about this on Long Sunday soon, where they even speak German.

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