Monday, August 15, 2005

Dr. Eric Wind

Isn't that a character from Nabokov's Pnin? In any case, some angel of the internet posting under said name left a must-read "comment" on the tail end of this Long Sunday post 'other day, and was quickly buried, I couldn't help but notice (however fallen from grace the concept of the 'multidude may be––more here). Also, I'm glad some people have been listening to more than "reality-based" slogans over the course of the last year. Some new and necessary translation work on The Society of the Spectacle here. And three cheers for Political Theory Daily Review (always a pleasure having one's words repeated by important blog people).

I'm off to hike in the White Mountains for a day or two (S. is in training for the Appalachian Trail. Actually, S. refuses to train for the Appalachian Trail. I am in training to recapture my floundering status as jock who used to do stuff like this on a semi-regular basis. Sadly, no, neither of us is training for anything. But everyone should really get outside more often); be nice.

Update: Hiking was great, but as of this afternoon, my paddle:

...not so great. Not the truck's fault, please note. Rather the bizarre result of doing fancy tricks on a foggy lake (with a fancy hangover). Maybe the Gods of kayaking are trying to tell me something? Thinking I may need to borrow a paddle for the class IV's tomorrow...
You make yourself sound like such a badass; it's funny, S remarks.
(Assuringly) No, you are a bad ass.

Oh, and if anyone wants to assasinate Pat Robertson, we wouldn't particularly mind (Dumbass, you can't say those kinds of things out loud...and then lie about it). *Sigh*...America?

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