Saturday, April 23, 2005


Via here and here, excerpts from a "situationist dictionary" work-in-progress, that for some reason struck me as mildly quaint and amusing:

identity card
1.��� noun

* Prison conditions (pocket-sized).
* Used as the legend in a map depicting Who's Who in the Yard.
* Helps the fifedom keep track of its serfs.
* Solution that keeps nation-states on the map and citizens on the menu.

1.��� noun

* The "movie star", "rock star", and "sports star" are now the products; it is no longer what they use but what they are (not) that is produced. They are images separated from their sources by a social relationship of the consumer more so in many cases than those of the producer. The spectacles are only possible by a mutual inclusive relationship between the image and the consumer of that image as a pseudo-fulfillment of alienated activity/life. They are only possible because of this social relationship. It is not movies, not music, not sports. It is the underlying social relationship which separates and re-presents a substanceless vitality to the image so that others may appear to live their lives again. Sorry gang, it works only partially and the "endless" well of funding to consume more and more is going dry. The "fake it 'til you make it world meets the real world of "fictitious capital" and the overspending of future assets - and, suddenly it's capital crisis time!

1.��� noun

* Self-conflicted, fall-back persona adopted by one who is initially attracted to others because of shared enthusiasm for generalised concept but within whom later misgivings, concerning secondary details, act to impede participation.
* Potentially prospective (versus introspective), one circles at 1000 feet - in data research and scene-filtering mode. If the lurker never emerges from this surreptitious circling of the wagons, one becomes that which is circled.
* One stuck in voyeuristic ritual of spectatorship. In accepting the world passively and as outside one's affect, the lurker becomes perfect spectator to their own existence, master of being slave.

1.��� noun

* Salesman or saleswoman for the left face of Capital; goal is the extraction of human capital after reincarnation and before death.

1.��� noun

* A meaningless term improperly derived from the above. There is no such thing as situationism, which would mean a doctrine for interpreting existing conditions. The notion of situationism is obviously devised by antisituationists.

1.��� noun

* A gas escaping from landfill sites.
* The clinking sound made by coins in an empty pocket.
* A poor substitute for essence, concocted by those suffering paltry existence.
* Anti-emissions from beings already devoid of themselves.

1.��� noun

* Infliction that sets one beyond one's warrantee.
* Dangerous receptacle for irrationality.

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