Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Hotel Rwanda last night, is (rightly) a difficult film experience to shake. The building itself has since been repaired, re-sanitized, and purged of memory. Made safe again, from conscious fools and cockroaches (rooster-fish)..

By pure chance, I was actually in neighboring Uganda with my mother just a few months before the uprising took place (I was about 13). The woman we had been staying with later defied U.N. orders (coming from the U.S.) and entered Rwanda to help with the orphan crisis.

Ryan also looks to be quite good (watch the clip).
Paolo does not kiss her, he kisses her mouth, just as in the story of Lancelot and Guinevere which they are reading it is not the queen who is kissed but the 'desired smile'. In addiction, as in the mirror, the self is fragmented and bits of the body float free of any unifying responsible self. That is why fetishism and addiction go together.

-Gabriel Josipovici, Touch

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