Thursday, February 24, 2005

memoria technica

Well, Manning Marable, it's been thirteen years, and there is still no comprehensive archive. Although "The Official Web Site of Malcolm X" does claim to have "everything you want to know about this historical figure."
This most certainly being computer wallpaper.
A better resource of audio files is here. Would recommend listening to the comments he made in Paris, 1964. He was an advocate for the New International before his time (one must at least hope, and even despite a fierce neo-nationalism). From a speech given in 1965:
The step-by-step process that was used by the press: First they fanned the flame in such a manner to create hysteria in the mind of the public. And then they shift gears and fan the flame in a manner designed to get the sympathy of the public. And once they go from hysteria to sympathy, their next step is to get the public to support them in whatever act they're getting ready to go down with. You're dealing with a cold calculating international machine, that's so criminal in its objectives and motives that it has the seeds of its own destruction, right within.

See also this excellent resource.

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